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BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua Lu Yan) in accordance with previous arrangements, this nine o'clock, the Guangzhou Asian Games torch will be passed Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, a total of 80 torch bearers in the eastern Guangdong Meizhou Asian Games torch to pass.

By the strongest typhoon this year, the world, "catfish" impact, Meizhou, in particular concern the Asian Games torch relay. Guangzhou Asian Games arrived in Meizhou fire yesterday afternoon, the torch relay running teams have to make that 24 if it is a general rain, Meizhou station will remain at the original line of the Asian Games torch to pass.

Prior to the torch relay in accordance with arrangements, activities will be kicked off at 9 am today. Transmission line will follow the world square off - way off the world tour - Jin Yan Road - South Gas Station (Junction) - May waterways - South Road - Dongshan Bridge - Dongshan school gates - sea school - Academy Plaza, the relay will last for about two hours.

80 torchbearers will take part in today's torch relay in Meizhou. Torchbearers, including ordinary civil servants, entrepreneurs, sector leading cadres, teachers, principals, researchers, doctors, military service, public security police, sports professionals, journalists, health care [url] http://www.australiauggboots247.com[/url] workers, writers and artists, have a good party members, labor model, prosecutors, engineers, general workers, etc., with broad representation.

Meizhou City, according to Deputy Secretary has the glorious sport, said today if the rain is not, Meizhou Asian Games torch relay route change, change at the end of indoor performances, the organizers of the world will square off at the starting point for guests paid umbrellas, raincoats , the entire 1,500 people responsible for security; if rain is too large, the torch relay will be changed in the room, security measures will subsequently be adjusted accordingly.

By design, the Asian Games Torch "trend" itself has a function of wind rain, the torch relay can have a "rain or shine." Therefore, in case of inclement weather, the torch relay to room, mainly based on the torch and the relay security considerations.

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BEIJING, Putian, October 23 (Xinhua Zhang Yu) in Fujian Province on the evening of the fourteenth session of the Games, 23 opening of Putian City, Fujian Province. Typhoon No. 13 by the year, "catfish" impact, an hour-long performances carried out in the pouring rain, but this did not affect the Millennium "Matsu home" style of the show.

The opening ceremony, Fujian Governor Huang Xiaojing, China Cai Zhenhua, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of speech, respectively, secretary of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee announced the opening of Sun Chunlan.

Large style show to "cross" as the theme, concentrated expression of the "hometown of Mazu," the deep cultural heritage Putian. Travel light Putian traditional folk performances opened the curtain, 2000, actress waved red lanterns, from all gathered on the field, flickering lanterns lighting low light and on-site each other, like a number of "light Dragon" dancing in heaven and earth, the scene is spectacular .

Subsequently, the 80 girls holding flower petals ship slowly formed from the rice out of the river in an elegant, crescent curved like the petals of the ship and sometimes the pace with the dancers before and after the tilt, sometimes put into a blossoming lotus ... all of a sudden the wind and dance ... petals bloom moment, "Matsu" rising from the ground, "pray Fujian, pray for the Chinese nation."

Provincial Games torch current is collected from the birthplace of http://www.shopmaxs.com Mazu Culture Meizhou Island. That night, the last 6 torch in the stadium known by the six players to complete delivery of Putian membership, the former Chinese basketball national team, the famous basketball player Liu Yudong light the Olympic flame.

At the current Games, Taiwan and Kinmen delegation's first basketball team sent direct competition is especially noteworthy. That night, when the Kinmen delegation of wearing a jersey, marching in step entrance, the hall immediately given "host" applause and cheers.

According to reports, the current Provincial Sports Ministry and industry sub-young, of which there are nine Districts and Cities Youth Ministry delegation to participate in the competition set up 25 major items of 533 small items; industry with 10 major items of the Ministry, 58 small items, the trade system by the Fujian provincial team, a total of 32 delegations, athletes, coaches, more than the total number of successive. (End)

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strong winds

Typhoon "catfish" will bring strong winds and rain did not affect the torch relay of the passion the people in Jieyang, October 23, the 16th Asian Games torch relay station in the rain Jieyang held as scheduled.

Jieyang City in Guangdong Province, southeast, is located in the eastern center. Deep River in Guangdong Province's second largest river north and south around the city Rongjiang form a unique "Water Lotus" landscape, with "South Water City" reputation.

In the rain, the first torchbearer, 1992 25th Olympic Games Men's platform diving champion Sun Shuwei Race Party Secretary Chen Hongping from Jieyang, who took over the torch, and began to pass reflects the characteristics of Lingnan Watertown line.

Jieyang is the eastern koup, Warring States is Baiyue land. In 1991, the State Council approved the construction of a county Jieyang city (prefecture level), as the youngest city in Chaozhou-Shantou area. Jieyang City has a long history of foreign trade, as early as the Tang Dynasty to navigation and Southeast Asian countries. Jieyang is China's largest production base of stainless steel products, with Asia's largest jade market and marketing professional production and processing bases, known as "Asian Jade are."

Celebration along the main venue and the transmission line as a performance fully demonstrated the eastern koup Jieyang characteristics and culture. Began in the Ming Dynasty's national intangible cultural heritage British dance to "Water Margin" is based on the story and into folk dance, and opera performances fist moves in one. Guangdong Province Intangible Cultural Heritage "Nanzhi boxing" is one of the traditional Chinese boxing, to vigorous and effective, the pace of sound, practical and well known, famous Chaozhou-Shantou area, there are many regions in Southeast Asia who attend. In addition, there Chaoshan characteristics dragon and lion dances, tai chi kung fu fan, drum and so on.

Sun Shuwei said the first torchbearer, as the Asian Games torch is a high honor, hope the torch relay in the home, so that more people will care about and support for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Xu Yinchuan famous chess national team for the torch relay, the defending national champion to give up the opportunity. "Was elected as the torch is a very honorable thing, especially http://www.xnorthface.com back home to pass the torch, will enhance the communication with the home, to show the elegance of our home, to allow more people to learn more about our Jieyang." Outstanding promise for many years Yinchuan always concerned about the change and home construction, given the chance to contribute to his hometown he did not hesitate.

Henan young nurse Liu Shufang known as the "torch relay specialized households", she was elected to the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch, this time named as the only network to participate in the Asian Games torch Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Torch Relay. Liu Shufang said that a torch is an honor, the torch is to pass the city, the country and do the whole of Asia Games will showcase the concept, but also delivers hope, harmony, unity and friendship of the messenger.

Typhoon "catfish" can stop the torch, "trend" before the trip, stop Jieyang public expectations and wishes of the Asian Games, more than 10 million people cheering crowds along the torch relay. As the last torchbearer, Vice President of South China Agricultural University, National Plant Breeding Space Engineering Research Center, Chen Zhiqiang, chief scientist and leading hand in Jieyang City, lit the cauldron, the Asian Games torch relay concluded in Jieyang station. End

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Asian Games

16th Asian Games in Guangzhou will start, the Asian Games weightlifting competition a total of 15 gold medals, the Chinese weightlifting men's team sent eight players to battle seven levels of competition, there are seven women's teams competing for seven players level of competition. As the Olympics as the ultimate goal of the weightlifting team, the Guangzhou Asian Games will help them move forward to find a new starting point and coordinates.

Reproduce the large-level men held in China Challenge

Doha 2006 Asian Games, the Chinese men's weightlifting team to participate in six levels of competition, eventually won the 56,62,69 and 77 kg 4 gold medals. Asian Games men's weightlifting over with 56-105 kg of 8-level class, according to the International Weightlifting Federation rules, each team may send up to eight players participating. Entry-level host Chinese team used the "5 +2", that is in the World Championship level (56-85 kg class) based on the increase more than 105 and 105 kilograms, in the last two Asian Games, the most widely used entry-level one.

In recent years, Asian lifters increase rapidly, putting pressure on the Chinese men held not only South Korea, as well as Kazakhstan, Iran and North Korea, Vietnam, these http://www.xjordanshoes.com teams have in common is only the strength of the individual level there is gold.

Team of the more obvious advantages of the present is the 56 kg class and 69 kilograms, had a total score of the World Championship Wu Jingbiao 10 kg more than the foreign players, 69 kg class while Liao Hui of the total score higher than 21 kg silver medalist. Men's large level areas, 85 kg of gold may be sent by planes. Olympics main rival of this level in Europe and America, the Asian Games as long as the normal functioning of the Chinese team, gold changed hands is unlikely. Men's over 105 kg class is the biggest concern, which won the 2002 Busan Cui Wenhua 105 kg silver medal, the first time in eight Asian men in a large reproduction of the Chinese team level ring.

Chinese women are no longer thriving held

Women's team, China sent seven athletes give women 48-75 kg participated in all seven grade levels above the competition, which, inter Cao Lei, LIU Chun are seasoned, brave and skilled, "veteran", there are domestic and international competition the past two years edge in showing off the rookie.

In the just concluded 2010 Weightlifting World Championships in Turkey, the Chinese women's team won all seven levels of 7 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze, out gold medals and group score first. But the big picture, the Asian Games held on Chinese women large level with Kazakhstan, South Korea for the gold outlook.

Kazakhstan's 75 kg class Titans Bo Duobei Dova very impressive performance in recent years, the 2010 world championships in Antalya, Turkey, in addition reelection world champion, more importantly, a year set a record of her own snatch, jerk and total results of three world records.

Chinese women's team to do so on a large level in the Asian Games gold medal, the competition will be very intense. In addition, international competition has not appeared for many years the Korean team, the Asian Games, and its strength is also very strong on the individual level, the Chinese team should not be taken lightly. End


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